How to download free songs for MP3 players

By | April 9, 2021


Search for music by clicking on one of the top download links on To find music that is not listed as a top charge, enter the title of a song, album, or artist in the orange search box.


Click on a song title from the search results to open the download page. Check the duration to ensure that the song is a complete and not a partial file.


Find the ‘Download for free for free’ column to the right of the page. Enter the code in the captcha field to access the download.


Click on the orange box called ‘Download mp3.’ Test the sound quality of the file by scrolling down the page and clicking on the embedded music player.


Download the MP3 file to a local computer by clicking on the blue song title link. The song is played automatically in the computer’s standard media player.


To save the file to a local computer for continued access, right-click on the blue link. Select ‘Save Target As’ from the submenu.


Select a folder on the local computer to contain the file and click ‘Save’. MP3 will be downloaded to the specified folder.

Tips and warnings

  • Run anti-virus software to protect your computer when downloading MP3 files from shareware websites.
  • Downloading songs from unapproved subscription services is a potential copyright infringement. According to’s disclaimer, the company does not host music on its servers and failure to delete downloaded songs may violate copyright laws.
  • MP3 players store thousands of digital music files on sleek, portable multimedia devices. Depending on its mate and model, music players can download individual songs, entire albums or videos on the player. Most music stores convert digital music to MP3 as it is the most popular and available file format for streaming. Although paid subscription services clear copyright laws with mailing labels before sending music to the internet, many budget-conscious consumers are looking for alternative free websites to download MP3s. Shareware sites like allow users to post and download music without any account restrictions.