How to download karaoke songs

By | April 9, 2021


Go to the EZ Tracks website (See Resources.) Click on the link that says ‘Karaoke’ on the toolbar.


See the best Karaoke songs and artists, and browse through the different categories. Click on the link that says ‘Free Download’ to start downloading a specific song.


Go to the website Musician’s website (See Resources.) Scroll through the karaoke band list and select a song to start downloading.


Download karaoke songs using a peer-to-peer file sharing program. Frost Wire (see References) is a special program that is free to use and has an extensive karaoke song collection. Just download and install the program. Enter ‘Karaoke’ in the search field and select which songs you want to download.


Go to the Karaoke website (see Resources.) Browse the selection of top sellers, top ratings, new or downloaded downloads. Click on ‘Add to card’ to download. The price for each song is about $ 1.

Tips and warnings

  • Karaoke songs that have been downloaded for free may be of lower quality than songs that have been purchased.
  • Japanese for ‘Singing Room’, Karaoke has become very popular, not only in bars and clubs but also at home. With portable karaoke machines, it is possible to recreate the karaoke atmosphere in your living room. In addition to a karaoke machine and a microphone, you also need songs. One of the easiest ways to get karaoke songs is to download or buy them online. This is not difficult and it will not be long before you will sing your favorite songs.