How to find a song when you do not know the name of it

By | April 9, 2021


Log in to the Internet and open a web browser.


Enter the artist’s name or band, if you know it. Many times you will be directed to the band’s website, which will contain a list of their songs. Look for titles that remind you of the song, or listen to some of the songs. Many times the band’s written lyrics’ songs will also be available for you to read.


Write some lyrics or lyrical phrases from the song to the search engine. Enter the word ‘lyrics” before or after the words in the quote, and hit search. Here is an example: The text ‘Lives in a fish line. ” The search engine reveals a song called ‘Limelight’ by the band Rush. Many times, the phrase you enter will actually be the name of the song.


Type ‘text search’ in your search engine. This leads to websites where you can find the name of a song by entering some of the song’s keywords.


Log in to a website where you can hop some of the song into a microphone connected to your computer. The reviews on these types of sites report mixed results, but this is the only solution left if you do not know the name of the artist or any words contained in the song.

Tips and warnings

  • Try to write variations on the words you remember from the song. For example, the word ‘alive’ may actually be ‘livin’ ‘in the song. Just enter words that you are sure of in the song. Search for the name of the song by entering the names of certain specific people or places mentioned in the lyrics.
  • Be aware that the fewer words you type for your search, the more songs the search engine will return.
  • If you are not deaf, or completely isolated from the rest of society, it has happened to everyone. Somehow and from somewhere a catchy melody pops into your head and curiosity makes you wonder what the name is. In the ‘old days’ you may have had a very difficult time identifying the song. But in the internet age, you can usually find the name by using a search engine.