How To Find FREE Karaoke Online

By | April 10, 2021


The very best website for free karaoke is You can create a profile and record your own song! Other people can see your song and write comments about how amazing you are. You can also watch their videos and listen to their songs and leave comments on how they did. It’s incredibly fun, and everyone should try. They usually have the most songs you can think of. Many of the songs are free, but you will find that some of the new songs require you to pay a fee. I just ignore it’s not fun if I have to pay.


MySpace actually has a karaoke section now! It’s true. How amazing is that? Visit the MySpace website. At the top is a link that says ‘More.’ Click on it. Then you have to click on the link that says ‘Karaoke.’ Now you sing your heart!


If you visit YouTube and type in the song you want to sing and type in ‘karaoke’ next to it, it is likely to get many results. For example, if I were to enter ‘Love Story Karaoke’, it would give a lot of results for Taylor Swift’s song Love Story, in karaoke! Have fun!

Tips and warnings

  • Karaoke can be extremely addictive! Be careful when singing karaoke online. You can start neglecting your social life and hygiene!
  • Karaoke has become more popular than ever. Nowadays you do not have to go out in cramped bars and sing in front of drunken strangers! You can do karaoke in your own home, privacy!