How to find free piano lessons

By | April 11, 2021



Here you will find free piano teachers from basic to advanced. Whether you are a beginning piano student or someone who wants to Review your skills, you will find these free, practical lessons that are useful. The instruction is available with either Windows Media Player or Real Player, and the site offers a quick link to upload players if needed.


Check out

Their website contains over 50 free piano lessons. Each lesson is accompanied by visual flash animations so you can see and hear songs as well as play with animations on your own keyboard.

This site’s lessons are aimed at ages 13 and up. The preparation section teaches basic piano skills such as understanding piano layout and basic music notation.


Do you want more? Go to ****

This site claims that their lessons are structured for beginners and show you how to form piano scales, piano chords, arpeggios, piano modes and more. They will also learn about inversions of the piano chords you learn, the basics of identifying piano notes on treble and bass, and simple chord progressions.

Another great site to start piano lessons is at

They offer ten free beginner lessons and say you will be able to play before you learn to read music! Their focus is hands-on lessons designed to pick you up and play right away.

Tips and warnings

Finally, if you want more free piano lessons go to and write free piano lessons in the search area. There are a number of videos to help you, whether you are a beginner to a perfect musician who wants to improve. Have you always wanted to learn the piano but have not had the time and money to take lessons? If so, it may be helpful to take online lessons. You can take the courses on your schedule and best of all, they are free!
There are a number of websites that offer free piano lessons. Most offer a range of instructions for beginners to more advanced students. Here you will find the steps to find the ones I have explored and think it offers the clearest instructions.