How to find the right size guitar

By | April 4, 2021


Choose a sub-guitar for guitarist under 12 years of age. Cool Discount Instruments website provides guitar recommendations for guitarists by age group and height: a 1/4 size guitar for guitarists ages 4 to 6 and between 3 feet 3 inches and 3 feet 9 inches long, a 1/2 size for 5-8 year olds between 3 feet 10 inches to 4 feet 5 inches long and a 3/4 size aged 8 to 11 with a height between 4 feet 6 inches to 4 feet 11 inches.


If you are an adult with a small frame, consider avoiding larger body styles of full-size acoustic guitars. According to Peter Kun Frary, professor of music at the University of Hawaii, Leeward, ‘Most 5-foot-4 and under will find dreadnought and jumbo uncomfortable to hold. Smaller guitarists should consider classical, NEX or artist bodies. ‘


Choose an acoustic guitar size based on the sound you want to achieve. Smaller acoustic guitars – such as classical, NEX and artist – will provide better bass and treble than large body styles, such as jumbos and dreadnoughts. The higher bass and treble of smaller guitars make them great for ensemble settings. They are good for lead and are separated, among other things. The large dreadnought and jumbo formats provide more bass and sound projection, which makes them good for soloists.


Consider neck width and thickness when choosing an electric guitar. An electric guitar with neck size is generally the only size factor involved in choosing one for an adult. Electric guitar necks are usually thinner than acoustic guitars. If you have small hands, choose an electric guitar with a thinner or shallower neck to make the gig more comfortable for you.

Tips and warnings

  • The height and age guidelines mentioned in this article are loose guidelines and do not apply to everyone. Height, hand and body size play a role in which size guitar is right for you. The best way to find the right guitar size is to try a variety of sizes at your local music store.
  • Choosing the wrong size guitar can leave something to be desired in the sound you are looking for. This is especially the case with acoustic guitars. Choosing the wrong guitar size can also hinder your progress when reading the instrument. A guitar neck or body It is too wide or too large for you to cause hand and arm cramps, giving an overall uncomfortable experience.