How to find voice actors and characters for “Find Nemo”

By | April 9, 2021


Visit the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) website or the Walt Disney website and type ‘Find Nemo’ in the search box.


Click on the link for ‘Find Nemo’. The IMDb website contains both the names of the characters in the movie and the actors who lend their voices to the characters. The Disney website shows the characters in the movie and their Disney biographies.


Scroll down to the cast list for ‘Finding Nemo’. Click on the names of any of the characters in the movie or the actor’s name next to the character, to learn more about the voice actors that depict your favorite Nemo characters and the characters themselves.

Disney movies are some of the world’s favorite favorites. It’s hard not to enjoy the comedy of Disney / Pixar’s animated films, regardless of your age. ‘Finding Nemo’, the story of a young clownfish, Nemo, who is stolen from his underwater house in Australia and moved to a tank in the dentist, is no exception. When he watches Nemo’s dad and his absent fish friend, Dory travels the sea in search of Nemo, you may recognize some of the characters’ voices.