How to get a DJ name

By | April 9, 2021

Give yourself a DJ name!


Think of your name and say it out loud. Add ‘DJ’ in front of your name. Do you like to make it your official DJ name? Some DJs, such as world-famous DJ Paul Oakenfold, use their real names. But many other DJs like Cascade and Fatboy Slim use ready-made stage names or nicknames.


If you decide to use your real name, think of nicknames you may have or may have had during your lifetime. Think of abbreviations of your name. What sounds enticing to you? Be creative. Think about your initials, physical and personal characteristics. Think about the type of music you are rotating. What kind of name can you make? DJ names are usually short and catchy. For example, if your name is George Xavier, you might consider being a DJ GX. If your name is Theodore, you may want to consider being DJ Theo.


Once you have created a creative and fun name that suits your personality and your music, tell your friends your new DJ name. See if the name catches on. At your performances, see how well your name goes over. See what your name looks like on posters advertising your shows. If you are happy with your name, and you feel that it suits you and your music, you have successfully given yourself a DJ name!

Tips and warnings

Make sure you come up with a DJ name that is easy to pronounce and easy to remember. A good, easy to say name is an important ingredient for your success. One of the most important things for an artist, including a DJ, has a catchy, unique name that is easy to remember, and also suits your personality and music.