How to get a music agent

By | April 5, 2021


Network with fellow players and singers to find reputable music agents. Although the music industry is competitive, there is often a sense of camaraderie among musicians. Ask local musicians for their recommendations to avoid becoming the next victim of the music agent’s scam or neglect. Learn from the collective mistakes and triumphs of teammates in online media and bulletin boards.


Research talent agencies and independent entrepreneurs. Well-known bodies such as Showbiz Ltd. focuses on bookings for a variety of musical genres, while agencies such as Ace Productions focus on bookings exclusively for the country music genre. Use search engines like MusicMoz to find agents who appeal to your individual style.


Let the music agents come to you. Attract dignified prospects by performing at talent shows and other community events. Make a website that shows your best performance clips and lyrics. Fixing your sound and strengthening your fan base will make you a must for music agents who want to make stable profits. Booking your own shows at the beginning of your career can pave the way for increased status later.


Produce and distribute a professional demo and resume. This will show your skills as well as your commitment to success. The songs included in your demo should be nice and well performed from the first note to the last. Hold each song for 3 minutes to avoid evaluating boredom. Your resume should include all the places you have played and your career goals.


Think about the music agent’s schedule. Music agents make money by booking arenas for their artists. While it is not uncommon for an agent to represent multiple musicians, you should try to avoid getting lost in the mix for profit. Ask each prospective music agent questions about his regular schedule and artist set. Make an attempt to talk to artists represented by Each music agent can provide additional insight into realistic relationships.

Read the fine before you sign the contract. Get guidance from a lawyer to ensure that the agreement you sign is in your best interests. For example, some contracts contain clauses that limit your ability to work with competing agencies in the event of contract issues. Paying a music agent advance fees for booking services should not be a contract term.

Tips and warnings

  • Asking a trusted family member to act as your music agent can save time and frustration. This is a useful option for a startup artist. Discuss your ideal musical direction and career goals with all potential music agents. Performing in appropriate arenas for your music style can greatly increase your career opportunities.
  • While you may be blessed with a voice like Beyonce or Mariah, talent alone does not win a successful music career. Preparations for the competitive nature of the recording industry require both vision and execution. Securing services from a trusted music agent can help you access popular sites and ensure that your best interests are protected.