How to Get Cheap Coachella Music Festival Tickets

By | April 7, 2021


Do not buy your concert tickets from ticketmaster. I want to say that you never use ticket office but in some cases it is necessary, like when a concert is sold out in ten minutes and you know that TM will get one last minute on sale the day before to cover credit cards that did not go through. For the Coachella concert, we do not want to use them. Using a ticket master is the worst case scenario. Coachella has sold so many tickets that the possibility of free tickets is beyond a reasonable doubt.


Go to and monitor the price of one and three day concert tickets. Remember that Craigslist tickets will be the most expensive for the show one week before the music festival. Those traveling hundreds of miles away want to have their event tickets in hand. Ticket agencies advertise the noise out of the show on the radio. Demand is peaking. From the Coachella ticket on the sale date to the week before show that you need to be cool and bid your time. These are rock concerts not rocket science.


On or about three days from the music festival, you start seriously looking for Craigslist ticket prices. A steady decline always begins about 48 hours before the music festival. There are many factors as to why this happens but first and foremost concerts and music festivals are missed, as people always go back at the last minute. Or someone bought 6 tickets and only needs 3. Or someone gets sick.

The longer you can wait, the cheaper they will get. I’ve bought full concert tickets for $ 20 a day at least four or five times.

Call some ads and tell the people how much you want to pay for their music festival tickets. Call them early in the day. Then call them back in the afternoon. The first phone call puts you first in real time, the second closes the deal if they have not received any other calls.

When you are at the Coachella Music Festival, towards the end of the day, look for worn out people and offer them $ 20 for their next day ticket to the music festival. One in five people will sell it to you just to go home or do something else in Los Angeles.

If you still do not have a ticket, go back to craigslist as many ads are featured on the Palm Springs edition during the show.

About the sky falls in. Cave and buy a walk up ticket. They sell these at the gate of Polo Grounds.

Tips and warnings

  • Prepare for the scariest music festival in the world. Sunscreen, hats, water, money, cell phone, comfortable and sturdy shoes, sunglasses, a jacket for a 50 degree temperature drop at 9 PM.
  • The Coachella Music and Arts Festival is this year’s concert event for Southern California. Over 130,000+ people participate in the three-day music festival, so there is a lot of demand for event tickets, campsites, transport, food, water, etc.

    The first thing you need before you go to the music festival are tickets right? Wrong. All wrong. Are you an idiot? -type error.

    You can save a lot of money on concert chicken. Concert chicken is where you wait until the last minute to buy your event tickets. Thus, the pressure puts on the people who sell the music festival tickets.