How to get songs for a publisher

By | April 8, 2021


First of all, it goes without saying that you need to have songs written. When you submit songs, you need a song ‘demo’ to submit to a music publisher. Doing so requires you to produce a demo in a recording studio or by using recording studio software. Demon should be a high-quality production in technical terms, but the production should only be a basic rendition of the song. In general, music publishers want simple demos when it comes to sound effects and without a detailed production. They are not convinced of you as a recording artist. Basic instruments and basic singing key (not necessarily yours) are all you need. You should plan to spend a whole day in the studio and record the technology time. and a singer to perform your songs. If you have a friend who sings well, that’s best. If you can sing, it’s even better. As a last resort, contact your local musicians association to hire union musicians and singers. Union musicians must pay according to union agreements.

After you produce your demo, you will need to prepare lyric sheets and / or a lead sheet. Lyric sheets are simply a typed copy of the words to your song. A leadsheet is a copy of the basic melodies, lyrics and basic instruments that will be used in your production.


You need some resources to find suitable music publishers to whom you will submit your demos. There are many sources for this information, the best being a book entitled ‘Songwriter’s Market.’ A new edition comes out every year. This book contains a number of music publishers looking for new songwriters, submission guidelines, contact information and song genres that the music publisher is interested in reviewing. Other online resources are available on websites such as BMI, ASCAP and SESAC. These sites are provided by the three major music performance licensing organizations. If you know the names of songs that are in the same genre, you can find the music publisher and its contact information by searching these sites. Sending a R u0026 B song demo to a western music publisher is a waste of time, energy and money.


To protect your song from being cut off by a shady publisher, you should file the copyright to your song before submitting a demo. This requires that multiple copies be posted with your copyright application. You still need a lot of copies of your demo. There is a fee to register a copyright.


When sending a demo to a music publisher, you should include either a leaderboard or lyric sheet, CD demo, self-addressed, stamped envelope for a response, letter and promotional material (such as a resume, photo and / or press release). These promotional materials are often called ‘Press Kit’ or ‘Media Kit’.

Tips and warnings

  • Many music publishers are inundated with song demo posts. If you know someone in the music business who can get your demo for a particular artist, it’s probably better than blind to send demos to publishers, but most new songwriters don’t get this opportunity.
  • If you are trying to break into any entertainment career, you need to develop a thick skin. Some people may say that your songs are bad. Be determined in what you do. Take the criticism when it is appropriate to do so. Writers and entertainers usua Lly has experienced many failures before making it big.
  • Attention aspiring music artists. This article will give you information on finding music publishers, producing a song demo, locating and managing studio singers, submitting your song demos to music publishers, preparing lyrical and lead sheets, and preparing a high-quality demo submission package. Read on to learn how to get songs for a publisher.