How To Get Songs Legally To Burn A CD

By | April 5, 2021


Decide which music downloader you want to use. Some popular sites include and With free programs like iTunes, songs are available for immediate download individually or by the album at a special price. Other programs offer unlimited music packages at a certain price. Use a computer with internet access and explore different offers until you find one you like.


Download the free program to your computer, install it and start legally downloading music. Build a music library and create different playlists that you want to burn to CDs later.


When you are ready to burn a CD, insert a blank disc into your optical drive. Open the ‘Burn CD’ option of your legal music program. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process of burning the music to the disc.

Downloading free music to your computer is easy and convenient, and it gives much better results than downloading it illegally. Legal music companies also offer the benefit of burning a CD with a step-by-step menu available within the program itself. Downloading a legal music program to your computer is as easy as accessing the company’s website and either purchasing a membership or choosing the option to purchase each song individually.