How to help your child Become an actor or actress for free

By | April 12, 2021


The first step is to get a headshot that can be done with a decent digital camera and home computer. For actors, they need a nice polished image that still looks natural. My daughter started with a picture we took of ourselves and I have no photography experience. Natural light works best. Take lots of pictures outdoors with very simple backgrounds. With young children, you avoid all makeup and over finished clothes that can look like nice pictures. Children’s clothes in colors that suit their skin color. Edit the best images to the correct size and print.


Next do a resume. It should be in a standard 3 column format, samples of which can be found all over the internet. It’s okay if there is not much to write about yet, that’s what we’re working on. List experience at all: School games; The Christmas side of the Church; Singing at a friend’s wedding reception; etc. Also record any training at all: School-going class; summer camp theater program; church choir; etc.

If your child does not have an exercise, try to start getting some. Many community programs are very cheap. Read books about actors you can check out from the library. Read Articles Online If your child wanted to play baseball, would you start throwing the ball with them to get them ready right? The same goes for actors. Read scenes with your child. Help them become comfortable with monologues and cold reading. can find both children’s monologues and complete scripts online and at your local library.


Develop audition pieces. Learn and practice several monologues of different lengths and styles. comedic, etc. If your child is interested in musical theater, a good place for children to start, practice and learn several songs for auditions of different tempos.


Get a folder together that is always ready to go for any last minute audition. Include copies of your monologues to practice along the way. Sheet music for your songs, tho You are always ready to sing without it. I also like an audition bag. A simple basic audition outfit, a brush, hair spray, etc. You never know when you might need to pick your child from school or a friend to go straight to an audition.


Now we need to add some real credits. The first step is to find local trade publications. The best way is to start calling all the local theaters and ask where they are announcing upcoming auditions. Bookmark their sites if they list them there and check back often. Ask if they hold headshots and resume on file. Many will do so and contact you when they have auditions for children that match your child’s age, gender, nationality, etc. These phone calls also inevitably lead to the best trade publications that you should start regularly. Many are free or
Another great place to look is Craigslist. Many independent filmmakers, or student films will advertise here, as it is free.

Next, start the audition. In the beginning, you go to every audition you can. Any experience that you can add to your CV. Each audition trains whether you get a part or not. Your child becomes stronger and more comfortable with each audition. Have fun and be prepared for lots of ups and downs. Just like with any hobby, your child will have bad days and times where they want to quit. It’s your job to decide when they just need a little loving support and when it’s time to move on to a new hobby.

There is a way to break into & quot; business & quot; with little or no investment. At a time when playing football can cost thousands of dollars a year, here is a hobby that your child can pursue for free and may even stop making some money along the way. All that is required is an interested child and a parent willing to help. The best part is that, contrary to popular opinion, this is not reserved for children who look like they belong in a Gap ad. The actors come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes neat and unique are exactly what they are looking for. There is a place for all children who are willing to work with it and have a true passion for the craft.