How to hook a cassette deck to a computer

By | April 4, 2021


Check the inputs on the cassette deck to determine what type of stereo RCA cable you need. If you see outputs marked ‘audio output’ with red and white inputs, you need an RCA cable with the red and white plugs. If you do not see these outputs, use a stereo cable with a mini-jack located in the headphone jack on the player. The other end must be a mini-jack connector.


Connect the red and white cables to the audio output on the player, or if there is not one, connect one end of the stereo cable to the jack on your cassette deck.


Connect the other end of the stereo cable or the mini-jack cable to the input jack on the computer sound card. This input can be identified by a pilos logo in the middle of what looks like sound waves. The tabletop is now connected to your computer, and when you use it, the sound will be output from the computer speakers.

Hooking up a cassette deck or player to your computer opens up a variety of audio recording and editing options. When you run your old cassettes or newly recorded through the computer, you can not only listen to them through the computer speakers, but also work with the sound in all the editing programs available on your computer. Connecting a cassette deck to a computer is inexpensive and easy to do, and the task takes no more than a few minutes.
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