How to identify a Yamaha electric guitar

By | April 12, 2021


Look at the pickups. Yahama Pacifico electric guitars all have two single coil pickups and a humbucker, except the Mike Stern Pacifico guitar, which only has two single coils. This is rare – and an easy way to identify a Yamaha.


Note the main log. Many people mistake Pacifico guitars for Fender Stratocasters, but one way to avoid this mistake is to examine the mainstay. Stratar has a rounded headboard; Pacificos are less round and more angular. A Yamaha Pacifico also has a circle emblem at the end of the main deck.


Look at the gear system. The AC switch has five positions, also rare for this type of electric guitar. It only takes a few seconds to count the positions of the switch.


Look at the neck. All Yamaha Pacifico guitars have rosewood boards, except Mike Stern’s signature guitar. Rosewood is the dark wood you often see on guitars.

While Yamaha is best known for keyboards and acoustic guitars, the company also manufactures electric electric guitars. Yamaha offers several electric guitars from artists such as Wes Borland and Mike Stern – and they all look different. The company also manufactures a series of semi-hollow body guitars. The standard Yamaha electric guitars, however, are the subcategories in a section called Pacifico. Pacifico guitars are the most popular Yamaha guitars on the market and can be identified based on several characteristics.