How to learn Bouzouki

By | April 4, 2021

How to read Bouzouki


Set the four-course bouzouki beginning with the first set of strings (closest to the top of the instrument). Tune the strings to D, A, F and C, using your tuner. If you use a three-course bouzouki, tune the strings to D, A and D.


Form chords on the bouzouki with one hand on the neck of the instrument. Form the chords that you would normally play on the first four strings of the guitar. These will work on the four-course bouzouki. The three-course bouzouki uses a unique chord structure, which you can learn from specific bouzouki teaching aids and / or teachers.


Hold the assembly space between your thumb and forefinger by your other hand. Use an up and down picking pattern to play the notes. recommends that you read guitar picking techniques and apply it to bouzouki.


Find a bouzouki teacher. Studying with a teacher, along with regular exercise, will improve your performance. If possible, record your teacher’s gig. Play this recording at a slower speed, if possible, to play the correct notes.


Use audio recordings and DVDs to increase your bouzouki ability. Many music stores and websites offer these materials. In addition, there are several videos on YouTube that have bouzouki gigs. Watch these videos and study the techniques that bouzouki players use to play this instrument.

The bouzouki is a traditional Greek stringed instrument that resembles a mandolin. Bouzouki has a pear-shaped body, a long neck and is a member of the lye family. This instrument is available in two types: three-course (three pairs of strings) and four-lane (four pairs of strings). Bouzouki is played with a gathering point (pick), which creates the bouzouki’s metallic ‘twang’ or ‘bark’ sound. Although it can take many years to master, you can learn the basics of bouzouki in a few steps.