How to learn guitar from the internet (free!)

By | April 11, 2021


First you need a guitar. I suggest I learn acoustic guitar because it does not introduce the external equipment that electricity does (amps, cables, effects, etc.).

I suggest you get a guitar for $ 200- $ 500 dollars. The hundred dollar specials are often difficult to play and you will quickly grow out of them. Trust me.


You also need internet (I guess you have this if you are reading this). There are some good sites that help with some of the basics like tuning ( and string modification ( FRETSPages / Musician / Guitar / Setup / SteelStrings / Stringing / ststringing1.html)


Next you need to learn chord forms. This is a great site that shows you how to fake a chord you ever come across:

Here is a chord schedule:


The last step is to learn from songs. My advice is to learn songs you really like. When I started, I thought, ‘I’ll be happy if I just learn x’. Then, when I had received it, I said ‘I will be happy if I just learn x’. And so on.

Learning specific songs is easy. You only search tablature / chords on sites like I have also had good luck with band-specific forums like and /


Congratulations. It takes a lot of patience, practice and commitment, but it’s really worth it.

Have you ever wanted to learn to play the guitar but were uncomfortable with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking lessons? In order not to be afraid, you can learn to play at your own pace in the comfort of your home – from the internet!