How to learn guitar left handed

By | April 5, 2021


See if you can play a right-handed guitar (that is, strumming with your right hand while using your hands on the neck of the guitar to create chords). Left-wing people are more likely to show ambition. It is an unfortunate fact that you as a left-handed guitarist will surely have a harder time finding the guitar you want in your price range.


Find left-handed guitar if you can not play right-handed. Some guitarists have modified right-handed guitars by inverting the bridge and strings. This usually changes the sound of the guitar and can cause tuning problems and may fail with the original design. Jimi Hendrix learned how to play like this on his first guitar, but that was largely because he could not afford another alternative.


Try to find a left-handed guitar instructor or at least one who is familiar with teaching left-handed guitar. Most guitar instructors, like most and most guitars, are right-handed. Because of this, many instructors will have difficulty teaching a left-handed student.


Look for instruction books that are sold specifically to left-handed guitarists such as ‘Left-Handed Guitar: The Complete Method’ by Troy Stetina or ‘Left-Handed Guitar Chords’ by William Bay. Since most books are written for right-handed guitarists, a musician learning a left-handed guitar may find the chord diagrams difficult to understand.

Tips and warnings

Left-handed guitars can be more expensive and harder to find in stores. Even if you can not try if you know which guitar you want, it will be cheaper and easier to find it online.

  • Do not let a salesperson sell you a worse guitar simply because your choices are limited. Look elsewhere. Avoid removing a new guitar and inverting its bridge if you do not know exactly what you are doing. You can and probably destroy a valuable instrument.
  • Only an estimated 7 to 10 percent of the world’s population is left-handed. It causes problems for left-handed people every day when they handle products that manufacturers make for the much higher traded world. This inconvenience is even clearer with a Precision Instrument such as a guitar. Do not give up all hope. There have been many great left-handed guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney and Kurt Cobain. All were skilled, if not brilliant, guitarists. Left has a few different options when trying to learn guitar.