How to learn Harmonica Tabs

By | April 6, 2021

Cracking of the Harmonica tab code


Look at the top of the table for the song’s s key and make sure your accordion matches that key. If the table does not specify a key and select your favorite or whichever is closest.


Look at the numbers given above your song lyrics. These numbers indicate the holes you need to blow in to play the song. The placement above the texts also serves as an indication of how long you keep the notes and when you change them.


Blow in the hole if the number is given alone or with a +. For example: 5 or +5.


Draw on the hole if the number is given with a – in front of it. For example: -5.


Bend the note if the number is indicated by a ‘b’. For example: 5b.

Tips and warnings

  • Practice new songs slowly in the beginning; especially when you first learn to read the accordion tab. When you improve your reading and know the song, you can start speeding it up. Remember that the harmonic tabs you find online are other players’ interpretations of a song and they may not be completely accurate. Use and trust your own ears and make adjustments to the tabs you find to suit your own taste and ability.
  • The accordion is a fantastically versatile instrument. Its sounds are heard in rock, country, bluegrass, blues and other genres of music. Add portability and low cost, and you have an ideal instrument. Now, with the availability of accordion tabs on the Internet, there are literally thousands of songs to learn, from many genres, at hand. This article will teach you how to read and play accordion tabs so you can quickly start adding songs to your repertoire.