How to learn to dance the waltz

By | April 4, 2021

Learn to dance the waltz


Find a dance studio in your neighborhood that teaches waltz. The waltz is often read together with other ballroom dances such as foxtrot and quickstep.


Ask your local dance studio to practice waltz sessions outside of class. The internship will help you improve, and you can also meet other drum dancers and exchange tips.


To learn how to dance the waltz at home, you can purchase a waltz lesson on DVD. You need to recruit a partner, maybe a spouse or a friend.


Learn to dance the waltz for free by watching online videos. Waltz lessons are available on and sites like


Continue to practice the waltz. This can be done at home by finding music for three blocks and going through the steps.

Tips and warnings

  • Special dancing shoes are not necessary to dance the waltz. However, you should train in comfortable clothing, avoid sneakers and sandals. If you take group lessons in a studio, you do not need to bring a partner, as partners are often replaced in class.
  • Waltz songs can vary in speed. Choose a waltz with a moderate tempo and work up to a faster tempo.
  • Waltz is a partner dance performed on music for three quarters of an hour with variations such as Slow Waltz and its faster counterpart, Wiener Waltz. Learning to dance the waltz is fun and easy. You can learn to roll in a dance studio with a group or in a private lesson or for free in your home.