How to listen to Pink Floyd

By | April 11, 2021

Personal Pink Floyd Experience


Select the Pink Floyd songs or CDs you want to hear. Take a moment to look over the CD cover, scan the lyrics and enjoy the memories of each song.


Choose a night to listen to your Pink Floyd picks. Weekend nights are best, as you may stop sleeping all night and sleep the next morning.


Ask a few chosen friends to join you as you listen to your Pink Floyd songs. Keep the number to a few who share your enthusiasm. Even larger groups tend to converse too much, ruining the Pink Floyd experience.


Gather your friends on the chosen night in a cozy room. Turn on your stereo, bright scented candles, insert your Pink Floyd CD and turn off the lights. It is important for everyone to be relaxed.

After the CD is finished, you turn on the lights and share your feelings, times when the songs meant the most to you, offer stories about how the music inspired you to become a musician, play an instrument or anything that brings you closer to your friends.

Feel Pink Floyd

Research Pink Floyd’s beginning. The British band Pink Floyd was first performed in 1966 in London and at the end of the year in the Royal Albert Hall. The group consisted of Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Rick Wright. p>


Learn about their early hit album. The group released the annual favorite ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ in 1973.

Find out about their later hit album. ‘The Wall’ and ‘Another Brick in the Wall Part II’ were released in 1979 and secured the band’s place in musical history as a rock band.


Discover the significance of their live concerts. Pink Floyd plays in Berlin in 1988 near The Wall when the East Germans gather nearby to listen. 1989 The Berlin Wall falls.


Explore the honors and awards given to Pink Floyd. In 1995, Pink Floyd was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Tips and warnings

  • The Pink Floyd songs can be fascinating. Be careful about heavy machinery.
  • Pink Floyd is generally not considered romantic in nature, so you may want to switch to some soft jazz if it’s a first date.
  • Listening to Pink Floyd is a meeting that equates to a life-changing event for the ultimate fan. Whether it’s ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ and or near bricks in ‘The Wall’, you know how to listen to Pink Floyd upgrades your musical experience to the highest level.