How to make 8bit music

By | April 10, 2021


Download the Magical 8Bit VST plug-in. Click the Magical 8Bit VST plug-in link (see Resources). A flashing tab appears as the file download dialog on the computer taskbar. Click the flashing tab to maximize the file download dialog. Click the ‘Save’ option to store the plug-in on your computer’s hard drive. Follow the installation instructions that go before the download process.


Download the Magical 8Bit VST plug-in to your digital music editor. The Magical VST plug-in is saved on your computer as a .dll file extension. Click on the ‘Start’ menu on the computer’s taskbar. Open the ‘My Computer’ folder in the list. When ‘My Computer’ opens, click on the tab (C 🙂 and select ‘Program Files’.


Locate the digital music editor folder. Open the folder and look in the subfolder titled ‘Plug-ins.’ The VST folder will be in this folder. Drag the Magical 8Bit VST plug-in icon on the computer desktop to the VST folder. The plug-in will now be copied to your digital music editor’s database.


Open your digital music editor. Your program should have an icon on your computer desktop. The plug is automatically saved in the program’s database.


Compose your own 8Bit music composition. Insert the 8Bit VST plug into one of your available music plug-in channels. The channel will have the name of the plug-in module, which serves as an indication that it has been installed correctly. Use the input buttons on the right side of the channel to create sound. Light up the input buttons you want to make a certain stroke with the 8Bit sound. Press the ‘Play’ button to review the original sound.


Click the channel button to display the 8Bit synthesis portal. Use the buttons and numbers on the portal to change the sound quality, pitch, tempo and attack mechanisms. You can also implement the chord structure by choosing to manually compose notes and chords for your own sound.


Save the composition. Click the ‘File’ tab in the upper left corner of your digital music editor. Select the ‘Save’ or ‘Save As’ action from the File drop-down menu. When the dialog box opens, select a name for your new music file and enter it in the available data form. Click the ‘Save’ action to store the music file on your computer’s hard disk.

Tips and warnings

  • The 8Bit VST plugin will download as a .zip file. You need a .zip file extractor to open this file. If you do not have an extractor, click on the WinZip free download link below to store the extractor on your computer’s hard drive. The download link below is for Windows operating system only. If you are working on a system other than Windows, click on the Magical 8Bit VST plug-in download link for other operating systems. When the page loads, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the download link that is compatible with your operating system.
  • 8Bit music creation software is a VST plugin. You must have a digital music editor on your computer for a VST plugin to load and work successfully. VST plugins can be loaded only in a digital music editor. Make sure that your digital music editor is not opened before downloading the 8Bit VST plug-in. If so, you need to close it to properly process and load the VST plug-in into your database. The computer must meet the necessary requirements to run the plug-in. Make sure your computer’s operating system meets the system requirements needed to install and run the program in your digital music editor. All system requirements will be listed on the download page for the Magical 8Bit VST plugin.
  • 8Bit music is a form of music that carries a unique sound derived from polyphonic, synthesized effects. It was cultivated from Japanese music as a way of expressing music. Around the 1980s, 8Bit music has recently become dominant in today’s digital music world. It is categorized by the sound of auto-tune, vocoder effects and synthesized music plugins. It is also a driving force for music today’s video game world. The creation of 8Bit music can be done by any musician with the right plug-ins and equipment. Making 8Bit music can be innovative and creative for any producer.