How to make a guitar band

By | April 11, 2021


Choose leather of good weight. The material should feel very firm in your hands. Visualize the one that supports the weight of the guitar at both ends and the tension in the strings as you play. If you play a lot and with a big frenzy, you want a high-quality band that lasts.


Cut the strip to a length that works for you. Remember that you can cut holes in both ends to put it on the guitar or for the strap itself to lock on the studs on acoustic and electric guitars.


Make your guitar band by creating your own individual design in it. Use a stamping tool or a wood burning tool to cut your leather patterns. Be careful not to go too deep and try to keep all impressions the same depth, to see the continuity and uniformity of the design. It is useful to keep the skin moist when doing this process.


Paint the guitar strap with a high-quality oil-based dye if you can afford it. Pay what you need now, so that you have a guitar band that lasts a long time. Good quality dyes penetrate deep into the leather while still allowing the leather to penetrate.


Bend the edges of the edge with a fork tool so that you can have rounded edges. This makes the band’s edges more professional and improves the band’s overall look and feel. , when followed by an acrylic paint, helps prevent cracking and tearing along the edges.


Punch at both ends of the band with a hole punch of your choice, and your guitar band is ready.

Tips and warnings

  • When stamping the design and punching the holes, be aware that your choice of surface against which you do your work affects the quality of your efforts. Choos ea heavy and polished stone surface for the design work, but maybe wood or something with a little ‘give’ to it when you punch the holes.
  • To make it adjustable, punch a few holes in one end, with slits on the sides so they can easily slide on the guitar.
  • As the guitarist knows, a guitar is more than a lifeless object: it becomes, if not a personal connection to a greater force in the universe, at least an extension of itself. With that in mind, a guitar band has a big role to play in helping the guitar feel comfortable and compact in its arms. Making your own band can only increase that feeling.