How to make a guitar speaker

By | April 8, 2021


Prepare the speaker card. Mount the speakers to a rectangular piece of 1-inch-thick wood large enough to hold them. Use a compass to draw the circles first as a guide and use the jigsaw to get a nice round hole.


Build the box. Design a wooden box large enough to hold the speaker card. For guitar speakers, the back of the box is sometimes left to prevent overheating, but it can also reduce directional output. A crossmember large enough to accommodate the entrance is usually located at the rear. The front is the board that holds the speakers usually fitted with about 2 inches.


Wire and install input and jack plate. The speakers are connected to a 1/4 inch input, the standard output for guitars and guitar amps. The jack plate is mounted on the outside by cutting a hole in the back of the speaker box or cross section and screwing it in place.


The crudest finish for a speaker amplifier is to simply spray-paint the wood black. Most amplifiers have a plastic or fabric industry mat stapled to the outside or attached with a spray glue. This not only improves the appearance of the speaker cabinet, it also increases the durability.


Making a speaker box looks professional by attaching some form of grille to the front, as well as handles, wheels and corner brackets. These should be made of robust material to withstand robust use. The grill can be simple screening, such as that used on a porch cover or commercial lattice cloth. Metal grills are more commonly used because they are more durable.

Tips and warnings

  • Choose which speaker to mount before building the speaker box. Have suitable wires for the selected speaker. Guitar amplifiers usually do not have woofers, which require extra space for resonance, but can often include high and medium frequency separation.
  • There are many reasons to make a guitar speaker. Some do it because it is cheaper than buying a name while others see taking the task as a hobby. A speaker cabinet is an important part of an electric guitar rig: The speakers are what produce the guitar’s sound, and the cabinet helps keep the output sharp and directed.