How to make a Mic stand

By | April 11, 2021


Measure the length of your vocal microphone from the head all the way down to the handle and then mark the length of the wooden block. Each microphone has a different length depending on the style, make and model. Once you have marked the measurement on the wooden block, use your saw to cut the block down to the marked size.


Place the wooden block on your piece of foam. Take a pencil and trace the outline of the wooden block on the foam piece. Use a knife to carefully cut out the foam. You can find foam in any craft store in your area.


Put a number of 7 drills on your power drill. Make a hole in the middle of the wooden block. Make sure the hole you drilled goes all the way through the block of wood.


Make threads in the hole you drilled with a crane tool. This will ensure that the microphone clip you build will be secure to the stand.


Carefully apply woodworking glue to the wood block and then apply the foam pad to the block. You do not need to have a hole through the foam, as only the wooden block will be attached to the stand. Allow the glue to dry for at least a few hours before continuing the process.


Place the microphone on the foam board in the wooden block and secure it in place with rubber bands. Make sure the rubber bands you use fit snugly around the microphone. Attach the wooden microphone clip to the tripod stand by screwing it onto the stand instead of the camera mount. The microphone stand is now ready and ready to use.

A good microphone stand is an important component in building the perfect home recording studio. Having the right tripod allows you to record and run the boards without having to hold the microphone. Most places can be a little expensive, so if you are trying to put together the ultimate home recording experience without wasting a lot of money, you will need to build your own microphone chair.