How to make a movie with a VHS camera

By | April 5, 2021

How to make a movie with a VHS camera


Insert a VHS tape into the camera and position the camera in the best way to capture the action that will happen in front of it.


Position your actors according to the script and make sure they stay inside the frame that you have established with your camera. The frame is what you can see when looking through the viewfinder.


Make sure your actors are in focus and there is enough light to see them. Most VHS cameras do this automatically, but if not, you will need to adjust the settings manually.


Press the record button and let your actors perform the scene from the script.


Repeat this process for each scene in the script until the story has been recorded on your tape.


If you need to make changes when you are done, you can do so in two ways. Use either two VCRs and record only the clips you want from the recorded tape on a blank. Or you can take pictures on a computer and edit them through a video editing program.

Tips and warnings

  • Make your film more visually interesting by Using a variety of framing techniques: close-ups, intermediate images, wide images, views, low angle, high angle and more.
  • Since the beginning of human history, people have told stories. Stories can be given orally, in writing or visually. Movies are a form of visual narrative told through a series of still images that are played back at a speed that makes it appear as if motion is occurring. VHS cameras follow this process and are a cheap and easy way to shoot your own movie.