How to make a real animated movie online

By | April 8, 2021


Choose an animation site and decide what type of animated movie you want to create. Online animations come in many different varieties. Choose from music videos, drawings where you type words and they are converted into computerized voices and also movies where your uploaded images are the main characters.


Collect your photos and / or videos if you use an animated movie website that allows you to use them. Go to the website. Select the animation template you want by clicking on its icon. Upload your digital photos. Crop your photos using online cropping tools. Click on ‘Review’. Click ‘Save’ and then ‘Play’. Sites like ‘jibjab’ allow you to make these types of animated movies.


Select the character you want by clicking the icon. Click on the background setting you want. Create the words you want each character to speak by typing them into appropriate manuscripts. Click on ‘Review’. Click on ‘Save’ and select a destination on your computer. Open the file to view. Sites like ‘xtranormal’ and ‘goanimate’ allow you to create these animated movies ‘type to text’.


Upload videos and pictures for a music video. Add music by selecting a song you want to use from the online menu. Complete the video. Review the animated music video you created. A site that allows you to make unlimited 30-second music videos with your own pictures and videos for free is called ‘animoto’.

Tips and warnings

  • You can email animated movies to your friends once they are created.
  • Some animation sites will require a payment after the trial period is over.
  • If you browse the Internet, it will not take long to see that many websites have entertaining cartoon animations of original and famous characters that sing, dance, talk and go across the computer screen. These technically savvy animated movies can be used to communicate a message like selling a product or service. It can also be used for fun. It is possible for everyone to create a real animated movie with the help of simple usage tools via animation websites. The best part is that many of these sites are free.
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