How to make a resonator guitar quieter

By | April 11, 2021


Mount extra light beams on your resonator guitar. These will have a quieter sound than heavier gauge strings.


Choose the guitar with plastic finger picks instead of metal. The plastic picks have a quieter tone than the metal picks.


Set your guitar half to one full step lower. The lower frequencies will not be as high.


Set the gain setting to a lower volume if you are using an amplifier or microphone. If you use a microphone, you can also increase the distance between the instrument and the microphone to reduce the volume.

A resonator guitar is a musical instrument sometimes called ‘Dobro’ (although ‘Dobro’ is actually the name of a resonator guitar produced by the Gibson company). You place a resonator guitar in your lap and pick the strings when using an image to scrap the notes on the neck. Because a resonator guitar has a large metal resonance chamber, the sound can be quite loud. To make your guitar resonator quieter, consider several solutions.