How to make a suit skirt looks like it has a highlight

By | April 4, 2021


Collect PVC pipes that are bendable and malleable. You should be able to bend and shape the PVC pipes into a hula shape. In fact, hula hoops can be used even if you do not want to take the time to bend and shape PVC.


Take the angle you have created and pull the skirt over the band, centering the bend towards the bottom or in the place that best achieves your desired look.


Use a needle and heavy threads (sturdy versions can be purchased at sewing stores, and you will need a wider needle to fit the thread) to attach the bend to the inside of the skirt in different places. For example, you can place one stitch, then cross over the frame and place another stitch. When you go back and forth in this way, the bracket will be attached to an area of ​​the skirt. The space these ‘back and forth’ sew about every 4-6 inches.


Hold the skirt up to make sure that the pendant is stuck underneath and is even. If you are wearing the skirt, you can wear a crinolic skirt or an undershirt under the curved skirt can create the complete fullness you may need to get the whole band- Skir

Tips and warnings

  • While sucking the belt in the skirt, you may want to measure from the bottom of the skirt to the strap, all
  • Bicycle skirts can be dangerous if you walk in a dense area or near something that is flammable.
  • When you need to make a suit skirt that needs to look like a belt skirt, you may be confused about the type of material you will need to use. Bicycle skirts are used in several different period costumes, including colonial, renaissance and medieval pieces. While you can make or buy an authentic hoop skirt, it will be much easier if you fashion a skirt to look like it contains a frame.