How to make a Toga

By | April 5, 2021


Get a flat double bed that is free of stains or tears. Most people prefer to use a plain white sheet, but a pattern of almost any type is also ok. Many people think of togas as just pure whites, but that is because they have seen Roman statues that have been bleached in the sun for thousands of years. Originally, these statues were painted in bright colors to match the patterns that people wore on their own dragons.


Keep the sheets horizontal. It shows how to size up in comparison to the sheet. Toga will be the length you want if you are short. For men, if you want a sweater toga or one that has a chest, fold the sheet in half. For women, folding the sheet may show a small bone.

Once you have folded the sheet the way you want it, put it around your body twice at the waist. If you are very thin or thick, laying it only once or three times may be more appropriate. After folding around the waist, use a safety pin to hold the sheet in place.


Take the left of the sheet and throw it over a shoulder. If you are a woman, the sheet can be arranged properly to cover the breast. Have a friend stick over the shoulder part of the sheet to the rest of the sheet on the back. This will help keep some embarrassing ties from occurring. If you are a man, you can staple the sheet on the back to hold it in place, or you can simply leave it as it is. The result is a gown that suits you well and should be in place all evening. Why do we not have all the draws all the time?

You thought learning how to make a toga was too complicated, there are easy ways to do it. One of the easiest ways is with a simple single beds.