How to make animal sounds with a guitar

By | April 7, 2021


Mimic the sound of a frog’s croak on your electric guitar. Place the edge of your choice on the E-string (the lowest and fattest string on the guitar) just in front of the guitar’s bridge (the bridge is the part that supports the strings, lifting them off the guitar’s body). Scrape the string using a fast forward and backward motion, quickly changing the picking direction. Practice this movement until the sound is right; It may take some time.


Moo like a cow with your whammy bar-equipped guitar. Distort the distortion for this trick by adding a distortion pedal or using the guitar amplifier’s distortion channel. Push in your whammy beam at the bottom so that the strings are beaten. Hit the lowest E-string and quickly push the whammy bar down as low as possible and slowly take it back to its normal position. Repeat until your guitar is as soft as a cow.


Scream like an eagle using a technique called pinch harmonics. Place your finger on the G-string (third highest string) at the second stretch. Pull the string by pointing while moving the string lightly with your ring or index finger. Practice this on different areas of the string until you find the ‘sweet spot’. The screaming sound indicates that you have found the right place. Bend the string while playing this squeezed accordion to sound like an eagle crying in the sky.


Point like a mouse using an Allen key as a pick. Strike the higher strings at random with the Allen key while moving it up and down the neck.

Tips and warnings

  • A whammy bar is sometimes called a vibrato or tremolo bar.
  • All of these sounds seem more realistic with high volume, so set up your amplifier to a high but tolerable volume.
  • A guitar can imitate the sound of a variety of animals from a frog sick to a cow’s mother. Practice the following techniques to impress your family and friends with unusual and eclectic guitar sounds.