How To Make Beats

Start Making Beats Today
If you want to make beats like a top producer you need the most expensive studio gear and equipment right? WRONG!

20 years ago, maybe..But these days you can create AMAZING beats on your computer with a $50 beat making program. In this article I’m going to show you how you can quickly and easily get started making some beats on your computer using some very cool beat making software called Dubturbo.

If you really want to learn how to make beats like rap beats and hip hop, techno, house, dubstep and more then please follow along, check out all the links I’m about to share because with this short tutorial you’ll be making your first beat within 10 minutes.

Of course you could go and use a free beat maker but trust me, you’re far better off with a paid version because to be honest there is no such thing as free and some of them freebies have viruses and spyware.

dubturbo drum softwareCheck out Dubturbo(link opens in new window) or BTV Solo(link opens in new window) they are both extremely good beat makers and I’ve never had a hassle with either. Great for beginners and both can be downloaded online for under $40. I personally use Dubturbo because it’s regularly updated and has heaps of cool sounds, effects and features.

Once you have yourself some software have a play around with all the features, sounds and just get a general feel of how everything works. Don’t worry if you don’t understand it yet because if it’s the first time you’ve used a beat making program before then it will take a little while to learn.

The best way to learn how to make beats in my opinion is via video tutorials. This is why I recommend Dubturbo, not only do you get the software you get access to the library of awesome video tutorials and project files – which is GREAT for learning. If you decide not to buy Dubturbo then simply search on youtube how to use the software you purchased. Some beat making software will have tutorials on youtube some wont.

Once you’ve mastered the software you can then go out and buy some hardware like a MIDI Controller or Keyboard, but these are optional. I’ve been making and selling beats for 8 years now and all I use these days is my computer.

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