How to make karaoke records

By | April 8, 2021


When you record a karaoke disc, you record the music without lead (probably with background vocals) along with the lyrics that will be displayed on a separate screen for the singers to accompany the song.


You must record your music on CD + G discs (CD plus Graphics) to display the text. This takes more than just a CD-RW but probably a DVD burner because you record images (texts) along with the music. However, some of the newer CD-RW drives can record CD + G discs. Test yours out first. If this does not work, you may need to update your hardware.


The next step is to find software specifically for burning karaoke records. choices and some of this software can be found for free on the internet while others you may have to buy! Our best choices include:

* Karaoke Studio Video
* Dart Karaoke Studio
* Karaoke Song List Creator
* Power CD + G Pro

Once you have found the software you like, just follow the instructions provided (most of them are step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow). Some of the software programs can also turn your computer into a portable karaoke studio!


You also have a couple of choices when it comes to finding music to download and burn. There are websites that offer some free music for you to use. Others may charge a nominal fee for these tracks. You can also choose your favorite music either from your computer or from CDs and make these tracks into karaoke CDs too!

Tips and warnings

  • Download your songs to a separate file on your hard drive – about 200 songs are good for one disc
  • Use your program to encode the files (try it at called CDG2VCD).
  • A DVD authoring program can help you create tracks with your songs (look for TMPGENC DVD Author at
  • Create 10 songs with 20 songs per track and create a menu
  • Burn to DVD with your DVD burner.
  • Not all programs are compatible with all operating systems, so check before you buy.
  • Be sure to give credit to the song’s author and publisher at the end of the song. This should be included in the download when you download the song, but if not, add it after that fact.
  • When karaoke began to become popular in bars and clubs, many thought it would quickly complicate the disco scene and no longer be a form of entertainment. The truth is that karaoke seems to be here to stay. If you are a karaoke DJ and want to create new records for your business or if you are just a budding singer who wants to train at home, you can create your own karaoke records that you can play on your computer or sound system. The process is easier than you might think.