How to Make Popcorn Dance by Crazy Frog

By | April 4, 2021


Shake your hips. Position your body with your legs shoulder-width apart and your arms outstretched. Hold your right arm slightly above your shoulder and your left arm just below your hips. Shake your hips in time. Bend your knees. Rotate your arms freely with the rhythm of your hips shaking.


Dress your hands. Turn left and clap your hands once in front of your chest. Turn to the right and pat your hands twice in front of your chest.


Scoot your body. Beat both hands on the back, while turning to the right. Keep your hands in place and press on the pelvis. Scoot your body forward with each pelvic support. Push forward three times.


Touch your head. Jump and turn forward again. Bend your right elbow and place your hand on your head. Pull out your left arm, just above the hip. Stand in one place and make two pelvic supports to the left.


Roll your arms. Pull your right arm out over your head and jump, turning your body until you turn left. Bend your arms in front of your chest. Roll your arms around each other. Kick a leg out slightly with the rhythm of the music, switching each leg.


Jump. Jump straight into the air. Place your body to land facing forward again. Begin the process of shaking your hips and repeating.

The Crazy Frog is an animated creature formerly known as ‘The Annoying Thing.’ The character began in 2004 as a blue-gray computer-animated frog used for commercials, ringtones, songs and games. The crazy frog was popular in Europe and the UK, but has since made itself known around the world. Toys, dolls and gadgets are modeled after the frog figure. The crazy frog has adapted and is generally known for his techno dance songs. Several music albums have been released by Crazy Frog. ‘Popcorn’ is a fast pop song found on The Crazy Frog Presents Crazy Hits album, released in 2005. The popcorn song has a coordinating dance to go with the music.