How to Make Stage Prop Food 3: Grilled Chicken Sandwich

By | April 7, 2021


Use Google to find an image of the sandwich you want to recreate and print.

Find out what diameter you want the sandwich and cut two circles out of the foam that are slightly larger than that using the box cutter. Use scissors for something around the bottom edge of the lower base and dome the upper part of the upper.


Cut angled circles out of the green fabric. Apply Fray check to the cutting edges. Fold creatively and glue to the bottom with Fabri-tac glue.


Cut the circles to be tomato grinds out of the skin on the head. Spray paint red. Let dry. Glue on salad with Fabri-tac glue.


Using the box cutter and scissors, cut / cut a faux chicken patty from the polyurethane foam. Use several shades of brown and tan to give it the look of breaded chicken. Let dry.

5. Use Fabri-tac to glue the frying pan on the tomato and the top bun on the chicken. Voila! You have a prop chicken sandwich. (All you have to do is keep people from trying to eat it.)

Tips and warnings

  • To get an exceptionally smooth surface on the top bun, see my instructions for grinding polyurethane foam using a Dremel tool, described in my eHow article ‘How to Make Halloween Stage Props 2: Body Parts – Liver.’
  • Regular spray paints can dissolve your polyurethane and headliner foam! Test by spaying a small amount on a gentle spot on your foam.
  • Does your school music call for someone to caress a sandwich? I’ll show you how to make one out of padding foam.