How to Make Steampunk Glasses

By | April 12, 2021


Cut a baseball along the seam and remove the outer leather coating on the ball. You will only use half of the leather upholstery. Pull off any threads that may get caught in the leather. Also pull off any of the seams that may occur.


Cut the leather from the ball in half. Spray staining on both sides of black leather. Set the leather aside to dry.


Place the Gatorade lids on a flat surface. Using the knife tool, cut circles out of the capsules, about 1/2 inch from the outer edge. You can throw away the part you cut out and spray the part you have left (the part with the lid) with the metal paint.


Cut off the bottom of the legs of an old pair of jeans. Cut under the seam so that you do not have to sew in jeans. Use the spray paint and paint it black.


Place a Gatoradlock on one of the pieces of leather from the baseball. Use a pencil and mark the inside of the lid on the leather. Repeat this for both Gatorade caps.

Now you have the size of the opening you need to cut out of leather. Do not cut out the circle as you have traced it; cut out the circle, but leave four tabs inside the circle to be used to attach the lids to the leather. (What you are going to cut looks like a cross.) Repeat this for both pieces of leather. Save one of the cross sections you make.


Place your glue on one side of the leather flaps. Place the Gatorade lids on top of the leather cutout and fold the flaps so that the glue presses on the inside of the Gatorade flaps. Squeeze in place until the glue dries.


Cut out the middle part of one of the leather crosses you kept. This will be the nose.

When the glue is dry on the eye pieces (Gatorade lids), place them upside down on the clear plastic container. Trace two circles on the plastic with the lid as a guide. Cut out the circles and place them inside the eyepieces. If they do not fit, trim them down until they do. Use a hot glue gun to secure them in place.


Attach the nosepiece you cut out from Crossing the eye pieces. The eye pieces should have holes that were used for the baseball stitches. Run some thread through these holes and then through the piece of leather for the eye. Sew both eye pieces to the nose.


Punch three holes in the outer edge of the eye leather with a hammer and nails. Here you put on the main strap. Take your jeans and attach one side to one of the eyepieces with a needle and thread.


Put the goggles on the eyes and run the strap around the head towards the other eye. length you need for the strap to fit. Sew the appropriate length to the goggles and remove the excess.

Tips and warnings

  • If you have a black pair of jeans, it will keep you from spray painting jeans, whic h will cut a step.
  • The colors can really be whatever you want, but in keeping with the Steampunk tradition, you may just want to use black and silver or a dark brown for leather and strap and gold for goggles.
  • When cutting out any of the circles, make sure you do not cut too small. If things are too small, they do not win properly. It is better to delete on the larger side and then trim down.
  • Steampunk is a part of fantasy that mixes a world where steam technology is widely used in connection with science fiction or fantastic elements. This genre emerged in the 1990s and has led to an explosion of fan-based costumes. One of the most important parts of a steampunk suit is goggles. Steampunk goggles can be made at home with ordinary household items.