How to make your own movie cover

By | April 5, 2021


Select the movie you want to cover. Look at the original film cover, think about the plot and brainstorm different ideas that you want to create for the cover. Write the ideas and also sketch some of them to help with the development process.


Remove the cover from the case and scan it on the computer. If you do not have a scanner, you can go to to find the DVD cover. Click on the ‘Movie’ section, the letter that the movie starts with and scroll down until you find the right cover. Custom covers may have already been uploaded for you to view and get ideas from.


Import the DVD cover into photo editing software. Create a new file that is the same size as the DVD so that the program has a blank photo and the DVD.


Use the image enhancement tool as the selection tool to select the title from the DVD cover. Copy and paste the title of the movie form.


Go to or the film’s official website to get still images from the film. If the film is older, it is probably not an official website, but hosts classic images, posters and promotional material for the film. Right-click on a photo you want to use, click ‘Copy’ and paste it into the glossy film cover.

Get extra pictures from the current movie. Play the disc on your computer and pause the movie on the screenshot you want to use. Press the ‘Print-Screen’ button and then press ‘CTRL’ and ‘V’ in the movie transfer file to paste the screen image.


Arrange images, text, and other elements of the movie cover. Use a solid or gradient background to remove all the white.


Print a test copy of the film cover. Wipe the white edges of the paper and place it in the DVD case to see what it looks like. Make some adjustments to the film cover and then print a high quality version.

Movie decks for VHS tape, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs are created to attract the viewer and draw attention to the film. Sometimes the quilts have the main star, while others are artistically created to show the film’s theme or plot. If you want to practice graphic design or make your film collection more customized, you can easily create your own film protection for all the films you own with the help of photo editing software and a few more tools.