How to make your own toy microphone

By | April 8, 2021


Cut about 2 inches off the end of a paper towel tube. This makes the tube more similar to the length of an actual microphone handle.


Fold the tube in construction paper and glue the paper to attach it.


Decorate the handle with markers, stickers or paint. If you use paint, let it dry thoroughly before proceeding.


Ball up some aluminum foil. Make the ball close to the width of the paper towel tube.


Apply an adhesive sleeve to the inside of the end of the paper towel tube and press the edge of the aluminum foil ball into the edge of the tube.

If your little one is an aspiring singer, you can do a simple microphone craft together. Mounting the microphone requires only inexpensive accessories that you probably already have at home. In a few minutes you can turn an attractive toy microphone into your little budding star.