How to mix music programs

By | April 5, 2021

Mix with software


Collect any CDs, vinyl or MP3s that have the songs you want to mix.


Using a multi-track audio program (eg Acoustica, Ableton Live, Audacity, Cubase, etc.), import the songs into an audio channel in the order you want them to play.


Stack each song and file back so that they flow into each other.

When you have all your songs in place, under the movie menu select ‘Export’ and export the whole mix to an audio file (WAV, AIFF, MP3, etc.).


If your audio program is not exported to MP3, locate the WAV or AIFF file and convert it to an MP3 using iTunes or any other MP3 encoding music player.

Mix several programs


If you perform music with multiple programs, you can control them via an external mixer for more refined control. Open the programs you want to use to mix music.


Assign each program’s main audio output to a stereo pair on your audio input / output interface.


Using 1/4 ‘TRS or RCA cables, connect the corresponding outputs from the interface to the input channels of an external audio mixing console (Mackie, Allen & Heath, etc.).

If you have a digital mixing console and a digitally enabled I / O interface for your computer, you can control all channels via a single Lightpipe cable (SPDIF, Optical).

Release the music or sounds from each program to play in the transport section.


On the mixing console, select the individual channels assigned to each program until you achieve the sound you want for your mix.


This output mix can then be recorded to an external source, such as a rack CD player, MiniDisc recorder, or a secondary computer running an audio editing suite such as Ableton Live or Digidesign Pro Tools.

There are many ways to mix music and mix music programs together. The most common way to mix music is to use a multitrack audio editing suite or digital DJ software. With this method, you can mix music within the program without the need for external hardware or mixer. Another method is to use individual or multiple audio programs via a multi-channel output interface in an external mixer.