How to move a children’s piano

By | April 5, 2021

Move a children’s piano in a room


Lock the lid.


Recruit three friends to help you; place each person at one end of the piano.


Lift (with your legs, not your back) no more than a few inches off the floor.


Move the piano slowly, not sideways. To turn the piano, turn the piano in place.

Move a children’s piano to another building


Remove the child’s large table by carefully dropping the hinge pins. Set it aside.


Remove the music card and set it aside.


Remove the center leg with the pedals) and its support and set it aside.


Lay furniture cushions or a few layers of moving blankets on the floor under the piano. You are about to remove your legs, and the piano needs to rest on the floor without being scratched.


Check how the piano legs are attached – – with bolts, screws or brackets – and remove these fasteners from one of the legs. The leg should remain afterwards thanks to a fastening with the piano.


Easily drop the leg with the rubber ball on each side (hold a cloth or blanket against the leg to prevent scratches) until you find the side where the leg begins to give. Let your friends lift the piano ever so slightly off the ground


Easily lower the corner of the piano, which is now free on the floor.


Turn the piano, very carefully, on its side and hold one of you behind the piano to hold it firmly when it is upright.


Repeat step 6 for the three remaining piano legs.


Carefully lift the piano on a pillow or covered dolly. Cover the piano and tie it tightly. There is no such thing as too many ropes or ribbons.


Load the dolly into the truck, one person pressing, with at least one person on each side.


Secure the piano inside the truck with additional straps, ropes or buckles to prevent tipping.

Tips and warnings

  • Remember to rent special piano lifts if you are worried about the condition of the piano.
  • Make sure you have a good place to put the piano when you move it. the piano dimensions to make sure it fits through doors and into the truck.
  • Whether you are moving a grand piano from one room to another or from one state to another, it is sensitive and time consuming work. Keep in mind that you can destroy the piano at any time and be prepared to take things very, very slowly.