How to play a piano / keyboard

By | April 5, 2021


Get a keyboard / piano. Just to clean up one thing, a ‘keyboard’ is a digital piano. The section on the PIANO where the black and white keys are located is also called the ‘keyboard’. It is much easier and cheaper to start on a keyboard (digital piano). You can find a keyboard (digital piano) in almost any large store, but the better ones are in the current music stores. Read our other articles to buy a good keyboard.


Understand the keys. You will see many white and black keys, do not let this scare you. Just understand that there really are only 12 notes on the keyboard. They are repeated only a lot of times from the bottom (left) to the top (all the way to the right). Look at the example picture. The lower white key in this example is ‘C’ You will notice 2 black keys on the right and then a space and then 3 more black keys. B is directly next to (right) the third black key and then you land on ‘C’ again. Study your keyboard and notice the repetitive patterns. The 12 notes are as follows: Bl = Black key; C (C # Bl) D (D # Bl) EF (F # Bl) G (G # Bl) A (A # Bl) B …. so a simple ‘C’ scale is CDEFGAB C.
Note: # = sharp (half step up)
Note: b = Flat (half step down)
Note! C to D is a whole step …. C to C # is half a step.


Start playing. Start with your right thumb. Find ‘C’ in the middle of the keyboard and place your thumb on it. Thumb is finger ‘1’. 1-2-3-4-5 = CDEFG. Left hand thumb on ‘G’ below the middle ‘C’. 54321 = GFEDC. Time to take out your book and start learning your notes.

Tips and warnings

  • Be patient
  • li> If you have access to a piano / keyboard, learn the basics to understand the notes and start playing.