How to play a Pink Accordion

By | April 5, 2021


Strap on the accordion. Larger zippers require you to use shoulder straps that are connected at the top and bottom of the accordion, but your De Rosa may be light enough to play with just one shoulder strap.

Take a seat. Most people think that sitting down is the most comfortable way to play. Be careful when bending from a sitting position so that you do not injure your back.


Use your right hand to play the keyboard and your left hand to press the bass keys and bass chords. Hold your right elbow out to allow for a good hand position and curve your fingers over the keys so you can play with your fingertips. The left wrist fits on the inside of the baseband, so that the left arm can move the bellows.


Understand the basic layout. Many beginners are intimidated by the large number of basic buttons, but your De Rosa probably has only eight basic buttons configured in two rows of four. One line plays base notes of D, G, C and F. The other line plays the same base chords: D major, G major, C major and F major.

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Look at and listen to the experts. Learn from accordions, CDs and DVDs. You can learn a lot by looking at an experienced accordionist – including posture, technique, tricks and dos’s. If you read notes and even play a small piano, chord music books can help you transfer your skills to your Pink. If you are a beginner to sight reading, start by learning a few key words on the left and learn to read the treble clef so that you can select a melody with your right hand on the keyboard.

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Download lessons online. In addition to consulting many accordion videos on YouTube, you can also get lessons from accordion players that offer online lessons, such as Enzo Giribaldi and Duane Schnur.

Unlike most standard-size garments, which have 41 keys and 120 basic keys, the De Rosa accordion is much simpler, with 24 keys and eight basic keys. The company also makes children’s accordions with seven keys and three buttons. Learning to play a De Rosa accordion is no different than learning to play another musical instrument. The best way to understand the basics is to try to pick out songs, get a good teacher and practice regularly. You can move on to an easier start by following a few tips.