How to play an evening round for Sitar

By | April 9, 2021


Learn how to hold the seat properly. The sitar is an extremely large, strangely shaped string instrument that resembles a guitar. It must be played with you sitting on the ground and placed on your lap. One hand will play the strings while the other will control the neck.


Understand the basic chords and sounds of the sitar. The chords are the same as any basic form of guitar playing. However, the sounds are quite different. The sitar has a loud pinging type of sound, different from the reverberating one of a guitar. The strings are harder and made of different materials than a guitar string, such as gourd or body.


Note the tone and timing of the evening rag. A raga is based on a scale, but is less specific than a scale; Likewise, it is more specific than a song. Ragas can be used in different ways. Khamaj is a romantic evening rag with a melodic and soft sound to it.


Choose a few different phrases to get different sounds and melodies. The sitar has a number of ragas that can be played to get different moods and emotions. Evening ragas are about the end of the day, relaxing and winding for a quiet evening.

Tips and warnings

  • Check out ‘Moods of the Day’ produced by Universal for a collection of classic evening rappers.
  • Sitar is a classic Native American instrument that has been around for centuries. It is an interesting instrument and takes great care and commitment to learn to play correctly. Sitar has been used for many rituals and ceremonies celebrating Indian culture. The evening raga is one of the songs used for such celebrations but only those for the end of the day, more subdued and peaceful moments.