How to play Auto Harp

By | April 6, 2021

Learn to play Autoharp


Position the instrument. A common position is to place it on your lap. Some people like to put it upright against the chest and shoulder. It may take some time and practice to decide which position is best for you.


Hold the pick in your dominant hand. Strum the strings lightly. Experiment with different amounts of pressure as you drum. The harder you strum, the stronger the strings will vibrate.


Hold down a damper button with your dominant hand. The letters on the damper buttons represent chords. If you hold down the ‘G’ button and strum the strings, you play a G chord.


Try the following pattern: hold down the G button and power up four steady strokes. Press the C button and power four more strokes. Switch to the D button and repeat the pattern. Return to the G button and play the last four strokes. This is a chord progression.


Check your local music store for beginner music books. These can be piano or guitar books. They can even be called ‘fake books’. If you are new to music, ask a store staff to help you find a beginner’s book that contains chords. Practice playing chords on your autoharp. You can even try to sing along.

Autoharp is an oblique instrument that is fun and easy to play. Music teachers and music therapists often use it because of how easy it is to learn. You can learn to play autoharp with some tips and some practice.