How to play bass via a guitar amplifier

By | April 4, 2021

1. Insert one end of an instrument cable into the output socket of a bass guitar and insert the other into a guitar amplifier.


p> Turn up the volume, then turn on the amplifier. When you play a bass through a guitar amplifier, the amplifier will not be damaged. Playing loudly can damage the speaker in the amplifier.


Turn the bass knob on the amplifier up to make the bass sound better. You may also want to lower the high and mid frequency frequencies. The exact settings for the best possible sound differ from amp to amp.


Adjust the tone keys on the bass to get the best possible sound from your bass / guitar amplifier.


Play the base as you would regularly. The actual task of playing the instrument remains exactly the same no matter what type of amp you use.

Tips and warnings

  • While most bass parts are played with a clean channel, without experimenting with using a guitar amplifier’s distortion channel. Some very interesting tones can be created with distortion on a bass.
  • Although bass amplifiers are made specifically to accentuate the deeper sound frequencies that a bass guitar produces, a standard guitar amplifier can be used to amplify the sound of a bass without any problems (as long as you do not turn up the volume too loud). While a bass guitar amplified by a bass amp generally sounds much better than a bass guitar amplified by a guitar amp, a few simple adjustments of a guitar amp can help with a bass guitar.