How to play Bb on Ukulele

By | April 10, 2021


With your right arm over the Ukulele, hold it in your lap with strings facing away from your body.


Hold the Ukulele neck close to the string distance between the left thumb and forefinger.


Place the left index finger between the string spacing and the first fret. Hold down the ‘E’ and ‘A’ strings, which are the two lower strings.


Place your middle finger on the ‘C’ string between the first and second fret.


Move the ring finger to ‘G’ or the top string and hold it down between the second and third fret. Hold all assigned strings and tighten all strings with your right hand near the Ukulele body.

Tips and warnings

  • The ukulele strings are G, C, E and A from top to bottom.
  • Frets are metal strips located on Ukulelean’s neck.
  • Keep your fingers on the assigned strings just to ensure that the chord sounds correct.
  • The ukulele is a great instrument for musicians of all ages. This instrument is very popular in Hawaiian culture and is easy to play. The most popular traditional Hawaiian songs consist of only 2 to 4 chords. The bb chords are usually played in Hawaiian Songs which is in the key to ‘F’. A popular favorite that can be played in F and uses the Bb chord is ‘Pearly Shells’ which became known by the late Don Ho. ‘Pearly Shells’ consists of only 4 chords, with the chord sequence for the whole song being F, Bb, C7, F, F7, Bb, F, C7, F. Learn how to play Bb on Ukulele in just a few easy steps.