How to play Cmaj7 on Ukulele

By | April 11, 2021


Place your right arm over the center of the ukulele’s body. The strings should face away from your body, with the back of the ukulele resting against the abdomen. Hold the neck of the ukulele between the left index finger and the left thumb, close to the string distance.


Move your index finger to the second bar on the ukulele, between the first and second frets. Place your left thumb against the back of the ukulele neck, directly behind the other bar and in line with your index finger.


With the tip of your left index finger, hold down the lower (or ‘A’) string in the second bar, between the first and second frets. Keep your left index finger in line with your left thumb, directly behind the ukulele neck. Make sure that the left index finger is only on the second field and does not touch the first or second fret.


Press down firmly on the lower (or ‘A’) string, keeping your left index finger on the rods between the frets. Try not to touch the string spacing, first fret or any unallocated strings. Gently stocking all the strings with your right hand near the center of the ukulele body to hear the Cmaj7 chord.

Tips and warnings

  • The tuning of the ukulele strings is G, C, E and A, from top to bottom.
  • ‘Frets’ are the metal strips on the neck of the ukulele.
  • The string spacing is used to connect and separate the strings from the setting keys down the neck.
  • Keeping your fingers between the fret and string distance gives a clear, uninterrupted sound.
  • The ukulele is a fun instrument to play, whether it is a musical instrument or to accompany songs. Cmaj7 is a more advanced chord that may not be used often, but it is very easy to play the ukulele.