How to play drums quietly

By | April 4, 2021


Use a training plate – The technique can be performed very effectively on a training plate. Hard rubber threads are the soft volume. Even if you practice on a pillow with brushes, you are forced to work much harder and it is much quieter.


Practice Sticks – Pins with rubber ends are a good alternative to training pads. You can use them on any surface and they make some noise.


Pillows – Dennis Chambers, Tony Royster Jr., Chris Dave and many other master drummers practice on pillows to build wrist strength. A surface that has no bounce will force you to work harder. Playing on a pillow is probably the softest method of exercising.

Multi sticks – Even if they do not like drums, playing with multi rods, hot rods, blastix, (or whatever you want to call them) produces a decent tone from the drum set. They can execute a field threat sound from the snare drum and are especially useful for toning down the volume in live performance.


Soudoff pads – You can buy a set of pillows that cover each of your drums and cymbals. They take most of the bounce out of the drum head which forces you to work harder to play. You can also train on these with very large, heavy drums or brushes to build muscle.


Duct tape – Duct tapping drums is an old trick. The band will cause the drum hairs or cymbals to vibrate much less.

Brushes – Practicing with brushes as if they were sticks will greatly improve the muscles because the brushes do not bounce like sticks.

Towel on your snare drum – This is a good trick because it feels exactly the same as a regular drum when you play backbeats. The towel kills all the resonance from the upper drum head, but you still get a sound from the bottom head and the snare. You will also be able to play rhyme shots. To play even softer, use a towel and sticks.

Quilts – Dave Weckl said he opened his drums and filled them with blankets so he would not disturb his neighbors in an apartment in New York.

Mask drum head – If you have extra drums to put them on, the drum hairs feel very much like regular heads and hardly make any noise. In addition, they have extra bounce that works with the finger muscles.


Electronic drum kit – The very best option of playing an electric kit gives you the same answer as an internship, but a drum lets you go with it. These are perfect for apartments.

Visualization – Studies have shown that the synapses in the brain burn identically when you visualize an activity as they do when you actually do it. Some weightlifters could actually gain muscle mass by visualizing lifting weights every day. This will be more effective if you can achieve highly focused and relaxed brain states.

Tips and Warnings

  • While it may not be as fun to play quietly on pads, they can prove to be very effective in training.
  • Caring for the neighbors is never good, but remember that the law allows noise (like drums) as long as it is in order. Talking about compromise is always the best option.
  • The key to becoming a good drummer is practice. The drums are extremely high, and sometimes practice can be problematic. There are steps you can take to alleviate the problem so that you can practice whenever you want.