How to play electric guitar for children

By | April 11, 2021


Decide which guitar you need to buy. Half-sized guitars are better to start with if you are teaching children five or under. Over five, a standard-sized guitar is recommended. Do not start with too expensive. Make sure there is an ongoing interest for the child to continue learning to play. Most music stores offer beginner electric guitar packages that include an advanced guitar, small amplifier and necessary chords and accessories, including guitar straps and a handful of guitar picks.


Buy a book with beginner guitar chords and a book with simple start songs. You can find these books in any music store or even online (see Resources). These will be core topics for your young student.


Start by teaching basic chords in the first position of the guitar. These include C-major, G-major, A major and minor, E major and minor and D chords There are other, but good, basic chords to start with children. They are easy to play and appear in many launch songs.


Learn patterns (also called rhythms) while learning how to choose the strings. This is important. Trying to learn the two elements to play by teaching one first and then the other can be confusing for the child. They are used to doing one thing and getting to sit in their own way, then when you add another technique it tends to regret what they have already learned. Teaching these two game elements together makes your young students adapt to using the two techniques together, which is how they should be used.


Skip attempts to learn waves in the beginning. Libra usually has no interest in the child and can often lead to you losing your attention. Get to songs right away. Use a book of simple standard kid songs that make use of beginning chords (see Resources). Letting a child work on playing these songs will keep their interest and strengthen their chord playing.

Tips and warnings

  • Make sure the baby sits comfortably. Being uncomfortable results in the child quickly losing interest.
  • Teaching a child to play a musical instrument at a young age has many benefits. It gives children an early understanding of music and teaches them a musical skill that they can carry with them through life. It is never too early to start a child on the road to musical discovery, and one of the most popular instruments to achieve this is the electric guitar. Children are often drawn to electric guitar at an early age. children are not difficult. Learn how to teach children to play the electric guitar and get them to play songs in a very short amount of time.