How to play guitar music

By | April 6, 2021


Familiar with the tab staff. The staff tab is made up of 6 lines, which correspond to the six strings on the guitar. The bottom line represents the lower string, and thus the personnel line is E, A, D, G, B and E.


Note the frets on your guitar (these are marked distances at the top of the neck). Look at your tab and you will see numbers written on the lines in the tab staff. These tell you to push down a certain string at a certain fretboard. For example, a ‘6’ on the third line from the bottom tells you to press the D-string on the 6th line, while ‘0’ means that nothing is pressed but you still have to hit the string.

3. Position your guitar so that it lies on your knee and the neck angles only slightly upwards.

4. Place your fingers on the strings and frets according to the first tab word in the music.


Drum your guitar, keep your finger position. Go on to the next chord and drum again, work your way through the whole music.

Tips and Warnings

  • Those who know music are sometimes confused by the tab because unlike a traditional staff there are no ‘space’ names and there are six lines instead of fie. It will help if you think of the tab as a thumbnail of your guitar neck rather than a staff.
  • Most people adopt ‘standard’ guitar chord fingers based on the ease of reaching the strings and frets. If you do not know these fingerings already, a guitar chord table will show which fingers to press on which strings.
  • The guitar is usually strummed with the right hand. If you are left-handed and find it easier to tune with your left hand, then it can help you string your guitar back and hold the neck in your right hand. This way, when you try to read your tab, you do not have to flip all the strings and delete assignments mentally and do not have to change anything.
  • Fret missions stacked on top mean that all the strings must be played at the same time. If the quests are staggered, you should play them in the order they appear from left to right.
  • Since the tab does not give you a rhythmic note, listen to your favorite songs or check out guitar websites for some basic rhythm guitar patterns.
  • Guitars are extremely versatile instruments. They are used in everything from folk music to heavy metal. For this reason, many music publishers release guitar music (also known as guitar tablature) of compositions, especially of contemporary works that are popular. If you want to play the guitar and use this music, you need to know the basics of reading the table.